The Final Countdown To Checkmate!
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The Final Countdown To Checkmate!

The clock is ticking. Worldwide chess pieces are inauspiciously, secretly, perniciously moved into place. The assault is on our opportunity, and for some, on our actual lives! It is in it's last developmental stages. A centuries old mission is attracting to a nearby! The mysterious social orders, our reality chiefs ( the Illuminati, The Jesuits, yes even the Catholic Church) have been wanting to assault and plunder the world for quite a long time.

The New World Order drove by Satan's pawns, masked as a monetary social rebuilding is only a ruse. This, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is an otherworldly fight! It's among God and his enemy Satan-Lucifer. It's a fight for your spirit as well as all inclusive predominance.

The men assuming the key parts, in return for Join the illuminati for power  products, success, and power, have vowed their loyalty to the banner of Lucifer, the fallen holy messenger. They will remove your entitlement to claim private property, your entitlement to venerate unreservedly your preferred religion or God, the right of the right to speak freely of discourse, the option to move about openly without being followed. Indeed, even the option to live or pass on as you pick will be usurped.

The world will be partitioned into ten areas with seven heads of state. Monetary standards as we probably are aware them will be nullified and supplanted with others. (The dollar will be swapped by the Amero for North America-Canada, U.S., and Mexico, currently on paper for instance.) Eventually all cash will be subbed by micro processors and code bars embedded into one's body on your brow or right wrist. This is quite serious, it's genuine!

One world religion will be laid out and all who decline will be imprisoned in jail camps currently set up and proceeded with obstruction or loyalty to the Christian Faith or some other confidence will comprise resistance and will be managed by execution! Gas chambers in structures, some, Lord help us, are even molded like insignias, simply ready to be carried out, hanging tight for their snapshots of brilliance. Simply their reality on display shows you how dumb they think we are and exactly the way that presumptuous these stupid underhanded individuals are who requested them assembled. In the event that you don't completely accept that me, look at it on you tube.

The world is going to be set under control. The uplifting news is, the people who hear, comprehend, and enlist in the triumphant armed force, will see the adversary checkmated! Jesus will win the fight. All that has been anticipated for a very long time and the final product depicted exhaustively. The upcoming news has been composed for a really long time.

Man is a free upright specialist and can decide to accept or not to accept what he needs yet we will all need to pay all due respects to the Creator for our demonstrations and convictions.

I compose incredulously, yet earnestly wanting to persuade, to influence, yes to save, the people who have been tricked by man's most prominent adversary. I appeal to save those tricked by The Great Deceiver of countries, enchanted by the Father of Lies, purchased by the guarantee of wordly wealth, faked out by manner of speaking, misleading publicity, bogus religions, unexisting gods, or just hushed to rest by the interruptions of our day to day lives,(jobs,recreation,families,lusts,entertainment-television and cinema,etc.) These can all be instruments of obliteration except if you know reality. Many are intended to anesthetize the sheep being directed to the butcher.

John D. Rockefeller (Illuminati) wrote in a letter to the tops of the media (...without you our arrangements wouldn't generally succeed...) The media just lets us know what these strong figures believe we should be aware, they keep a large number of us thoroughly heedless to what's truly happening in the background. As Thomas Jefferson expressed "these men in the shadows are our greatest risk."

On the off chance that I can stir even a couple, I will have performed my responsibility. In the event that I can illuminate many, my spirit will cheer. In the event that you have ears to tune in, HEAR. Make Jesus your Lord, no one but he can save you, and live in satisfaction knowing that despite everything that will happen, every one of the underhanded moves executed on the chess leading group of the globe, you will get away and live everlastingly in heaven with him and his loved ones! Not the spot saved for his foes or for the people who will not side up with our Creator and Father who profoundly cherishes every one of us. "For God so cherished the world he gave his main conceived Son so that whosoever believeth on him won't die."

Awaken, check out you, every one of the knights of haziness are set up, the sovereigns of the adversary in line, and the lords of dimness are going to report Check! Every one of the signs are there assuming that you will simply look carefully enough.

Checkmate, but will be our own!

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